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Many of you young adults are getting married for the very first time. Some of you will experience the birth of your first child. Realize how special that child is, especially in the eyes of God. Psalm 139: 13-16 says that God formed and wove the inward parts in the mother’s womb. Your child is wonderfully made. God sees the unformed substance of your child. In his “book” it has already been written. The days have already been ordained for him or her, when as yet there has not been one of them.

This is the real reason why abortion is such a travesty. In addition to taking a life, it cuts short what God has ordained with a unique purpose. Parents who abort a child will never know who that person might have become! What kind of a plan did God have for that individual?

When your first baby arrives on the scene, realize what a gift you have. He or she is much more than a new person brought into the world. That baby is a gift-wrapped possession full of potential and purpose. Bring up your child to help them realize all that God has for them. God has put them here for a reason. That crying baby that will keep you up at night is the voice of God’s special creation. 

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