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Check out my new book released in December of 2016. The name of the book is the title of this article. It is available on amazon. Many people are living into their 90’s today. This means that if a person retires from a profession at the age of, say 65 or 70, they still could have another 20 to 30 years left. That is a long time. It is too long to drift with no goals, dreams, or purpose.

This is the time to chart a new course that will make the most of your senior years. There is so much that can be done, especially if you have a good financial retirement. With all of the freedom of time you have, what is done with your life is pretty much totally up to you. Don’t allow yourself to sit at home on the sofa. Stay active. Put your senior years to use for the benefit of the younger generation to follow.

Finish strong with new goals, dreams, and a vision for the remainder of your life. You are still here for a reason. With all of the things that could have cut your life short, but didn’t, that should tell you that you still have a purpose. Pursue things that will outlive your life – things that will go on living in the lives of other people long after you are gone. May you be remembered for much more than how old you were. On every tombstone is a dash between the date of birth and death. What significant, life-changing events and dreams will go in your dash? I am not just talking about accomplishments. I am speaking of things that truly made a difference while you were still on this planet.

Here are some of my chapter titles:

“Dreams Do Not Have An Age Limit”

“Remember God’s Faithfulness Over All Your Years”

“Think Dreams That Defy Your Age”

“Reshaping The Values Of The Next Generation”

Now for an excerpt from chapter 10 entitled, “Write A New Chapter For Your Life.”

“What would you write about yourself at the end of, let’s say, the next years? What will people say about you? One thing I hope you have learned from reading this book is the importance of living your life intentionally with purpose and vision. Don’t allow yourself to drift. Make greater goals. Dream bigger dreams. Take more steps of bold faith. See yourself used in more effective ways. Envision yourself doing new things and going to new places. Don’t plan only on what you are capable of doing, but on what excites you with passion. What lights a fire in your heart? Finish this sentence: I have always had a passion to…???

Whatever you plan, don’t sell yourself short. Be able to say at the end of those ten years that you are where you planned to be, as much as possible within your control. There does not have to be another gap between where you are and where you could have been. The next chapter of your life can be any length of time you choose it to be.”

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