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There has always been, and always will be, disagreements and division among political parties. Much of that is good and open debate. It is necessary to advance legislation for the good of the people. Argument is part of the democratic process in America. It is one thing to have hotly detested  dialogue. But when those of one political persuasion form an organized resistance coalition with the goal of destroying or completely taking down the opposition, it crosses the line. It is no longer democracy. And this stuff about assassination?  What causes a person to sink so low in their character? 

President Trump was elected fair and square. While it is true that he did not get the majority of the popular votes, he won the oval office by garnering more than enough electoral college votes required by the U.S. Constitution, and Clinton did not even come close. Conditions set forth in the Constitution for electing the president are there for good reason.

Let’s review for a moment why we have an electoral college. It is to make sure that votes in states with even the smallest population of voters will count. That means that the states with the largest population or with big cities cannot have all of the say in who gets elected. Pretty fair, wouldn’t you say?

There is also a spiritual factor here. As hard as the resistance movement tries to remove Trump from office, it isn’t going to happen. Why? Based on the authority of the Bible all government is ordained by God, whether one likes it or not. Romans 13:1 clearly states, “Let every person be in subjection to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those which exist are established by God.”

Trump will be in office as long as God wants him to be, or until his two terms expire.  God has a divine agenda and he places people into power as a means of accomplishing that.  There is never going to be a time when all of the people in America, or any country for that matter, are going to agree on whether or not a president is doing things for the good of the country. Trump has only been in office for about 6 months. Assumptions are already being made that he is not good for the country. He deserves a chance to prove himself over the long term like any other president. God’s purpose for putting people into a governing position may not become evident until years or decades later. A case in point are the U.S. Supreme Court nominees, who make decisions affecting those even in the next generation.

This is why it is not good to be a part of any kind of resistance movement like we see now in America. In fact, in all of my years (I am 68) I have never seen anything like it. Romans 13:2 states, “…he who resists authority has opposed the ordinance of God…”  

We need to pray for Trump and all of those working for him, many of whom are Christians. Pat Robertson, of CBN, said recently that “there is a spiritual battle against our president.” Trump needs our support to carry out the agenda for which he was elected.

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