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Human history is rapidly approaching a moment of truth and accountability.  As we see all of the wrong things happening in the world shouldn’t people be asking what the reason is behind it all?  Wouldn’t it be great if, over all the centuries, the world had progressively improved to where we are living in a peaceful, utopian global environment? But it hasn’t. It has gone just the opposite, and appears to be intensifying at the present time.

That says something about the nature and character of humanity, does it not? What’s the problem?  I recently initiated a discussion on world peace on a forum. The general consensus was that world peace is simply not possible. Many reasons were given, most of which reflect the character of each individual. This was just one example of how flawed human nature is.

The Bible says that each person is born with a sin nature. Sin is separation from God. Whether one believes in God or not, there is a natural tendency to think wrong thoughts and have wrong actions toward others. Even the best people have to learn to do right. A parent does not have to train their children to do wrong.  If one were to ask me why there is so much evil in the world, I would answer by asking why do so many people choose to do wrong? It comes down to personal choice and responsibility.

The world, as a whole, has chosen to reject God and his truth, which gets back to sin being separation from God. Much of what we have seen through history, the wars (including religious wars), evil, corrupt governments, continual fighting amongst nations and people, pride, selfishness, broken relationships, etc., is the consequence of this. It is people thinking that they can do a better job of running the world without God. Yet Stephen Hawking, one of the most brilliant minds on the planet, recently stated that we are approaching the most dangerous moment in history.

We are nearing a time when every single person will have to make a choice, and be held accountable (Romans 3:19). The choices center around what one believes about the Bible, God, and Jesus Christ. Have the Christians been correct all along?  Is the Bible really the inspired word of God? Is Jesus really the Son of God who manifested himself in human flesh? The way events are unfolding on the world scene history itself may answer that question.

There is coming a time of great tribulation upon the world – a time of seeing the consequences of the rejection of God combined with his judgments. Yet with this there will be those who still choose  to “not repent of the work of their hands” (Revelation 9:20).

The real question is, which side of the fence are you on? When all is said and done you will reap what you sow. You have nothing to lose on one side, but everything to lose on the other. Think about it. 



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