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Recently my wife and I were looking at an old family movie sent to us by a relative. In it we saw how we were in younger years. We were engaged in various activities. There were pictures of our family growing up in different stages of life. That was back then.

Fast forward to the present and we now know what each of us became. We know the trials and sicknesses we have been through. We know the victories and struggles. As we looked back on our life I commented that God already knew everything that we have experienced. He knew from before we were each born what profession we would choose, who we would marry, the problems we would encounter, and the type of character we would each develop. He knew our strengths and weaknesses, our abilities, special gifts and talents. Nothing in our lives caught God by surprise. And he even knew the number of years we would live.

Through everything God has allowed many things to happen for a reason. Some things have made us realize our dependency upon Him. There have been times when we have experienced a special dose of his love and grace. Even when we have made stupid decisions or poor choices God has shown us that he cares. There have been times when we have had what the Bible calls the peace that passes human understanding. Even when we have lost important items we have prayed that God would help us find them, and he has! God’s love, grace, and peace throughout our days has been amazing. What has been most important, though, is that each of our family members has accepted Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and Savior.  We have acknowledged that God is sovereign, and that much of what has happened has been for our good.

In my own life God has prepared me in so many ways for the writing ministry I have now. He knew that I would become a writer at the age of 55, and use my message in the lives of people all over the world.

How about you and your family? Have you recently looked at old photo albums or family movies and recognized the grace and love of God at work, or have you thought of everything as being a coincidence or having no purpose? Has your family shut out God?  Might you consider including God in your family, recognizing his love and grace, and giving you purpose and meaning. Then you can look at your next photo album or family movies with a whole different perspective.



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