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To help build a firm foundation for life as a Christian, one must know and do God’s general will. However, there are some problem areas:

1. Many people have taught over the years that a person has to discover God’s will. This teaching has caused many Christians to become very frustrated, and maybe even feeling guilty because they do not know if they are in the will of God. Well, it is simply not true. Why would God make being in His will something we have to hunt for?  His will has already been disclosed in the Bible. More about this a little later.

2. Have you ever heard people say, “You must be in the center of God’s will to be blessed?” Well, what in the heck is the “center” of God’s will? Is that in contrast to being on the edge of His will? This has been a piece of religious jargon with no meaning attached that has caused more confusion.

3. Some people have believed that God has only one specific person to marry. While it is true in many cases that God does bring two people together, and that those two individuals recognize why God did it, this does not mean that it is true in every case. Trying to find just that one person can be like finding a needle in a haystack. It may never happen!  The fact is that there are many people who could be good as a husband or wife. 

4. Many Christians have also believed that God has one particular occupation for a person. There are things that a person is more suited for than others, but again don’t become frustrated over trying to find the occupation that you believe God has for you. As long as it is a respectable occupation, you can honor God in whatever job or career you choose.

5. God’s will has often been associated more with what a person does, than with developing godly character. God is more concerned with one’s character than he is with their occupation.     

Building Block Number 9 in building a firm foundation for life is knowing God’s will as revealed in the Bible and doing it. 

This is stated in Matthew 28:19-20. Get up, and go. Do something, anything, that will contribute toward advancing God’s Kingdom work and impact people’s lives, using your strengths, desires, and spiritual gits. This goes beyond having a career and earning a living. It is doing something to build lives.  Matthew 28:19-20, referred to as the Great Commission, applies to each and every believer.

Foundational scripture verses:

Matthew 28:19-20; I Thessalonians 4:3 and 5:18; Romans 8:28-29; I Timothy 2:2-3; I Peter 2:15, 19, 4:2,6, and 5:2; plus many other general commandments in the Bible.

Self-evaluation Questions:

  1. Do you know your strengths that can be put to use to fulfill God’s general purpose for your life?
  2. Are there things that are keeping you from “going” in obedience to the Great Commission? This does not mean only becoming an overseas missionary. Your “mission” can be right in your own community or culture.
  3. Can you think of one specific thing you can begin doing to help build lives?
  4. If you offered to God even the smallest talent, ability, or resource, to watch him use it in people’s lives, what would it be?


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