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Iceland recently has started aborting babies if tests reveal that Down Syndrome is present. CBS supported their decision. Frank Stephens, who has DS, spoke before a U.S. Congressional committee. He asked a very stabbing question: “Is there no place in the world for us?” Apparently Iceland does not think there is. In the words of Mike Huckabee, That’s not eliminating a medical condition; it’s eliminating people who have that medical condition” (emphasis mine).

Frank Stephen’s question encompasses much more than Down Syndrome. It includes abortion, euthanasia, doing away with the elderly, and any other age or health related issue where someone, or a court, decides that a person’s life is no longer of any value, or the world has no place for them. Our culture has reached a low level.  I have personally worked with Down Syndrome people. To begin with, they are very loving individuals. All the aborted babies are screaming out in silence, asking the same question that Mr. Stephens asked. So are some of the elderly and others whose lives have been taken before their time. And the even sadder part about all of this, is that the government is gaining more and more control, and the will of the patients or parents less and less. This happened with baby Charlie Gard in the United Kingdom.

The world is setting a precedence for eliminating life if it is not wanted as is. What’s even worse, it has already taken the lives of over 50 million babies, most of whom I would assume were perfectly normal.  They just were not wanted, period!

Well, guess what folks. There is a saying that God did not create no junk.” Every life can have value. Even the ones that society says has none. When a life comes into the world, along with it comes potential. We will never know what that boy or girl would have become, maybe a great scientist or doctor who would have discovered a cure for some of the world’s deadliest illnesses.  In the case of a person with Downs Syndrome, much love can be brought into a household. This, and many other illnesses like them that require a lot of tender loving care, make all of us who are healthy and normal, appreciate all the more the life we have. What are your thoughts on this issue?


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